Fire Emoji Song Review

Fire Emoji song Review

Fire Emoji is a Zimbabwean hip hop song by Tavonga Leo Magombedze known professionally as Leo Magozz 4 and Brian Jeck.

The song is produced by Zero 53 Music and has a drill type beat to it. Leo opens up the track with the hook talking about how tomorrow is a mystery and how you have to go for it at all times in order to succeed .

Bling 4 follows up in Vernacular Shona Rap and makes no mistakes in his delivery he rides the beat well and his lyrics follow the same theme of going for it while ignoring what a hater has to say (handifadzi munhu wese rasta handinga chengete mhuri yese) meaning You cant please everybody in Shona.

Brian Jeck comes in with the last verse in Vernacular as well and he kills it keeping the same energy lyrically (Handiraramire munhu ini maybe Jesu) means I don't depend on anyone except for God


The song in general is a banger and is definitely one of the hits of 2022 Zim-hip hop Leo Magozz is most definitely a superstar in the making and you can expect more hits from him in the future.

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