Swaygo The Sharman Retrograde Medication Review

Track 1 Hell Yeah feat Zimbiyana jones :-

Track 1 Hell Yeah is a Depo on the beat production the beat is very trapy and up tempo with sum great guitar strings, Here sway raps emphasizes how it would be like when hes finally made it with Zimbiyana Jones on the hook confirming these new facts on the chorus. Sway speaks on how life has a way of bringing your greatest desires to life. All in all the song is great and catchy with some good production.

Track 2 MusikaVanhu feat Zimbiyana jones :-

Track 2 MusikaVanhu follows up track one with the same guitar string production and up tempo beat with what sounds like harp strings a snare drum type beat with heavy base in the background allowing for sum bars to be spit of which they are by Zimbiyana Jones. MusikaVanhu is a song about GOD here sway talks about his relationship with God aka MusikaVanhu. Zimbiyana hits you with a catchy flow and talks about his own experiences with GOD and ends of his verse on individuality and the beauty of it.

Track 3 Ndokupa :-

Track 3 Ndokupa has a Jazzy feel to it as the mood switches with this one to a more commercial track you get the sense of an afro vibes/afro beats artist in the making with this one there's all the afro elements with the congo drums shekere instrument and not to mention the saxophone a great production from the producer here. Ndokupa means “I will give you” in the Shona language and it is a love song. Sway talks to his misses in the lyrics telling her how he will give her himself and his attention, “spoil her for no reason” words every girl would love to here from her man.

Track 4 Conversations With God feat VENGEmuzik :-

Track 4 Conversations with God has an eerie kind of beat with fast guitar strings coupled with some self help messages in the background from beginning to end. Sway gives his own self help in this one and tells on how to act when confronted with difficulties, VENGEmuzik comes in clutch in this one spitting bars both in Vernacular and in English with sharp word play that flows well as he constantly switches between English and Shona yet being able to maintain his rhyme pattern.

Track 5 Labulushula :-

Easily one of my favorite songs on the album. A Dixon made this one production, now this one here hits hard the base on this one will get you blasting in your system drum kicks and snares all make for a great trap beat. Swaygo drops some bars with a catchy hook spitting game to a chick and talking about his hustle using smart word play and rhymes.

Track 6 Birds

Track 6 Birds is in my opinion the best song on the EP. The flagship song in terms of being alternative hip hop. The production has Jazz feel to it with some snare drums kicks, piano making for that easy drive chilled kind of beat. Sway sings about how every day is a gift and how 'new things are happening' at every moment and the importance of living in the present.

Track 7 Thanx From Me

Track 7 Thanx from Me starts with Sway speaking to his friend/himself that just got kicked out of the house and encouraging him to keep his head up and keep pushing music. The beat has some guitar strings and base drums that go well with the lyrics making for a great track. Sway shows his skills lyrically and artistically as his bars are switched from English to Shona with a flow that is unique and catchy.

Track 8 Ispani ft TulkMunny

Track 8 Ispani. Cheeesssssh fire track with fire bars from the trap beat to the lyrics. Sway finesses the hook here in Ndebele with TulkMunny coming in to finish off with the last verse. Overall a solid song and a good feature

Track 9 Dreamer ft THC Mobb

Track 9 Dreamer ft THC Mobb verses by Tyler King and Jason X. The features on this one were heat Dreamer is a rap track with the beat as hip hop as you'd like it to be with verses to match. Tyler King kills it with the opening verse Sway follows up with some conscious bars and last but not least Jason X on the last verse.

Track 10 Ndokuda

Track 10 Ndokuda the final track in this review. Ndokuda (which means I want you in Shona) has an R&B type vibe with smooth guitar strings and piano keys. Sway is telling his girl that he wants her and loves her while also asking if the feeling is mutual. The song ends with the talented visual artist Thandi @tahgula telling us how she feels when she listens to the Ep.

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